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More countries added We have recently added Finland, Italy, Norway and Ireland as selectable destinations. If you feel any local stores are missing in these countries, just let use know. New design Why? Most of our users are mobile users, and our mobile view was not really usable. This was the primary reason for a redesign of the site. Usually when websites do a redesign, a bunch of features mysteriously disappear at the same time. Not here. All our features and displayed information is carried over. We even removed a lot of heavy scripting, making the page faster and lighter on your device. It was also very important to us, that the list of stores was still as visible as it was on the old design. You can still see the same amount of stores before scrolling, as you could on the old site.

Here is a comparison image for the mobile view in the old and the new design, when searching for a game. Notice how more results are now displayed. Here is an image of the price list of a game in the new and old design. A lot more information is now displayed at the same time, without cluttering.

Now, not many people like changes. If you have some constructive criticism, feel free to let us know. We are still performing minor adjustments to the design.

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